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Welcome To Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd.

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Headquarter address: no. 468, longyun road, shidao, rongcheng city, shandong province


Administrative office  Tel:+86+0631-7381873   E-mail:info@  Fax:+86+0631-7382522

Foreign trade department I    Tel:+86+0631-7379471   E-mail:sales@

Foreign trade department II   Tel:+86+0631-7333068   E-mail:ljp@

Foreign trade department III  Tel:+86+0631-7379424   E-mail:market@


News Center

The company established (artisan talents) innovation studio
Shandong Huapeng 2018 welcomes the Spring Festival performance
Fighting for high temperatures and fighting for heat
The company continues to improve the level of information management
Anqing City leaders came to Shandong Huapeng to inspect
The company won the top ten enterprises in the light industry
All departments of the company work together to prevent heatstroke and cool down
Shandong Huapeng won the “Golden Glass Award” Top Ten Brand Honors
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